Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Amber Luna


It looks like I’ve saved the best for last! Amber Luna is a really bright and interesting person. She’s the first person I’ve met who’s a third year and is currently 21 years old, though she looks younger than that. She is a sociology major and wants to pursue a career in criminal justice, and I can see why she wants to go down that path. She’s very talkative and likes focusing on detail and that’s important in that industry. Amber lives in Downey so she doesn’t dorm. She is a big fan of KRock music but listens to all kinds of genres. She is the oldest sibling and has 2 younger brothers. She’s 100% Mexican and was born here. Her hobbies include not staying home; she likes going out and trying new things and exploring. She loves trying new foods and loves seafood, filipino food, and thai food. She would love to travel to Rio de Janeiro and New York so hopefully she gets to go to those places. Amber is currently working part time at LA Fitness though she doesn’t really work out so it’s pretty funny. I’m glad I met her and I wish her the best of luck in finishing her degree and pursuing her career goals.


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