Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Drawn Out

IMG_0078 IMG_0075 IMG_0077 IMG_0082

It was really interesting to see so many different artists’ artwork in the same room. There were a lot of similarities in the way they did their art but at the same time, none of the pieces are even remotely the same. There is so much creativity and so much to look at. I thought every piece of artwork in the galleries was amazing but I had to pick out some of my favorites.

One of my favorites was the first display of art I saw when I walked in the door. It immediately caught my eye and I was intrigued to look at it closer. I saw it was a row of custom skateboards and all I could think was “Man I want this hung up in my room.” The artist’s name is Nathan Lewis and he did such an amazing job. The design and detail was just so precise and the colors were so nicely blended together and it just looked really beautiful and awesome.

Ashley Healy’s exhibit also really caught my attention. I’ve always been interested in cartoons and extraordinary drawings and artwork and this was something I have never seen before. It reminded me of “Where the Wild Things Are” but at the same time, it was something original. The detail is so meticulous and extravagant and it’s so hard to believe she actually drew these by hand. She has a God-given talent and I’m happy she’s putting it to good use.

Overall, this senior show has showed me even more types of art. There is so much originality and none of the pieces and exhibits are the same. Though some may correspond with another, originality is very important to these artists and they have done a really beautiful job showing that aspect of them.


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