Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Liminal/Yireh Elaine Kwak


I really enjoy looking at her paintings. It’d be a blessing to have one of her paintings hanging in my house. The way she paints the view of the landscape isn’t how you’d imagine it would be. Elaine uses bright colors to highlight certain parts of the painting so that the painting itself stands out more than other artists’ work. She loves painting landscapes with a great view of nature because it reminds her of home and her family. She’d get an idea or find a view and she’d sketch it out after observing what she’s seeing and then she would start drawing on her canvas before painting.

She mentioned that she has recently applied for an internship and is preparing her portfolio, including a picture of this piece in it. This is one of her favorite pieces because the view is from her previous home. It is a good memory of hers and she misses it dearly. She has a lot of memories and she uses that as a tool to inspire her to create more paintings like the one above. Elaine is a natural at painting and I wish her the best of luck with her internship.


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