Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Julissa Juarez

IMG_9943 IMG_9944

Julissa is definitely a really chill person. She’s always smiling and giggling and she is just very laid-back. She’s a freshman and is currently undeclared but is leaning towards kinesiology. She’s exploring in the kinesiology department and finds it very intriguing and interesting and she wants to learn more about it. She lives in Downey, which is about 20 minutes away but dorms here for the experience and chance to live away from family. She absolutely loves volleyball and has been playing since seventh grade. She actually coaches a 12 year old volleyball team as a part-time job. Julissa, who was born with her name spelled Julyssa, has two younger brothers ages 5 and 11. Her family was from Mexico. Her parents were born here but her grandparents were from Mexico. She loves watching Netflix on her free time and is currently watching The Office. Her favorite animal is the penguin. Overall, she’s a very fun person to get to know and I’m glad I met her.


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