Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Marty Knop


This exhibit has such an interesting name. It is called Icosikaihenagon, which is mostly a printing exhibit. He uses a computer program to create his art. He loves math, so he uses math as a guideline or inspiration to his art. What started that was a fashion show a few years ago. It incorporated mathematical/geometrical designs and it looked very intriguing and he wanted to do something and express math in an artistic type of way. He started out experimenting with simple geometric shapes such as triangles and used mostly black and white color. Eventually he added different colors here and there. He does limit himself on the amount of color he puts into his art if he paints. He looks for more efficiency when he paints. However, with digital printing, the sky’s the limit. He loves using a wide range of color with a printer.

He wanted to see how his art could pop out more, so he experimented with different platforms and found one that worked perfectly with his printmaking skills. “Art is a very DIY project. You just jump in there and you just figure it out. It just takes some time and patience but you get where you want to be eventually.” As I mentioned before, he loves math. He took a lot of math classes. “Once you learn a lot of math, then you can translate it into a lot of different things and make new stuff using it as an element.” In his case, he translates it into art and printmaking.


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