Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Eduardo Rodriguez


Eduardo didn’t make me feel short this time. Almost all of my previous encounters with classmates were so much taller than I am so this was a nice change. He’s a sophomore and a math major. He absolutely loves math. He prefers trigonometry and calculus over the lower levels of math and wants to be a teacher and teach those levels of math. He’s 19 years old and was born in September. He was born and raised in Mexico and moved here when he was 12 because his family wanted a better life and a fresh start. He has lived in Long Beach ever since he moved here. His hobbies include reading and hanging out with friends. Eduardo has 2 sisters and a brother and he’s the second youngest out of all his siblings. He has 2 dogs, both terrier mixes, and 2 birds. His dream car would be a Kia Optimus or a Dodge Ram. When I asked him what he thought of this class, he said he thinks this class is very creative but thought it would be more hands-on, like do actual art like drawing/sketching and stuff like that.


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