Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Piet Eppinga

IMG_9907 IMG_9906

This exhibit was so interesting. It emphasized beauty and elegance. Piet has a true passion for sculpture and clay. The way he talks about his art is so passionate and he has so much to say about each piece that is displayed in this gallery. For example, one of my favorite pieces from this gallery is the Christianity Crystalized piece. It is all about Jesus Christ and the story behind him. Piet explained how the cross in the middle represents Jesus and the engraved part around the cross in the middle represents the holes in Jesus’ hands and feet. The two crosses on the sides up on the top represents the two men who were also crucified with Jesus. At the very top of this piece, there is a crown of thorns.

My second favorite piece is the piece called 21st Century Fertility Figure Wearing a Nylon Evening Dress. He mentions that this piece is all about sexuality and fertility. He builds this piece exactly how he wants it and keeps in mind that sexuality is the main point of this sculpture, therefore he enlarged the breasts. On the side of the sculpture, he made a box because the sides were a little uneven and he wanted to make it even. He thought the box was too empty and decided to put a ball of clay in it. After some thought, he figured that he’d turn that ball of clay into an egg to represent fertility. He calls this egg “the center of the universe” and explains that about 20-30 thousand years ago, men and women made figures like this that represented luck in fertility.

Piet loves having visitors who translate and add meaning to his work and this helps him recognize even more meaning to his artwork. He’s been sculpting clay for so long and some of these pieces are old and have solidified to the point where they look like they feel so smooth. He loves expressing emotions in his work and it makes it so much more beautiful.


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