Wk 11 – Plaster Casting Activity

IMG_9835 IMG_9836 IMG_9839 IMG_9854 IMG_9861

This was actually a really fun activity to do! I enjoyed going to the beach since I hadn’t went in a long time. I wanted to wait until my brother got back from his trip to Washington, D.C. so that we could do it together. So on Thursday at around 6 pm, we went to Seal Beach with our plaster, gallon of water, shovel, and bucket with a stirrer in it. I made a hole and stuck my hand in it while my dad covered the hole up with the sand. It was difficult pulling my hand out but after a couple more tries I finally got it out. We mixed the plaster with the water and poured it into the hole and filling it up. Then my brother did the same thing and we set the bucket down. We noticed the waves were really starting to come in so my brother spent the whole waiting time (30 minutes) shoveling sand and making a barrier so that the waves won’t get to our plaster cast. When the 30 minutes were up, we both pulled out our plaster casting and mine came out pretty awesome compared to my brother’s. His looked like a big rock. He’s going to try it again next time but I think I’ll keep mine around. It turned out nicer than I thought it’d be. It was such a great experience and great bonding time with my dad and brother!


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