Wk 10 – Classmate Convo – Lahya Woodruff


Lahya made me feel really tiny. I mean, I am tiny, like 5’2 tiny but she made me feel tinier than I normally would. She’s a sophomore and a human development major, although she’s debating on whether to get into physical therapy or to do something else. She used to live in Detroit, Michigan but moved to LA a long time ago, though she still calls Detroit her home. She applied to 4 schools and got accepted to 3 of them, CSULB being her first accepted choice of school to go to, since it had the best opportunity for her to major in human development. She mentioned the other schools not having the major available or not having good classes to get the major. She loves to work out, such as going hiking. At the same time, she loves to eat. She loves going to different restaurants and trying out new foods. She works at YMCA and also mentions how difficult it is to work there because of managing all the kids at once. Overall, she was a good person to get to know and I wish her the best in her future.


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