Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Sheila Ann Rodriguez


I really liked this exhibit. I walked in and all I saw was threads and weaves and different wooden art canvases hanging up on the walls. It looked very organized and exquisite and the gallery really caught my eye. My favorite piece was the one right in the middle. The message was clear, how people move from home to home and never really stay in one place and how each home is a part of you and makes you who you are. Memories are made in each house you live in, with your family and friends and how long you’ve lived in these houses. She weaves and creates unity all the memories you have in each house you live in.

She uses up a lot of space with the yarn to weave, making sure to relay the message of how homes are almost never permanent and how as you move around, you create memories that you keep with you forever. She creates unity and it all made sense when I studied her work a little more. I have never seen art this way and it just makes you think about how art really connects to your psychological and intellectual levels.


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