Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning


I decided to choose a building I have my history class in, LA2. From the outside, it seems like a tiny building but it’s really not. It’s just like any other building, but however, its classrooms are more advanced with technology. I remember seeing it my freshman year, looking like any of the other LA buildings, a brick building with dark colored doors and no windows. I come in during my first semester of my sophomore year to see LA2 and LA3 both closed off for renovations. As I watched it throughout the semester, I started to see some improvements with how the structure was looking. I didn’t really see bricks like I used to, and they had added windows in the second story, which was pretty awesome.

When I first came in to history class my second semester of sophomore year, when LA2 was open after reconstruction, it reminded me of my freshman year history class. It had whiteboards for tables and huge flat screens hung up on the walls at each table, 8 tables total. It just looked so much more technology advanced and it looked really nice and different. I remember seeing the look on my classmates’ faces when we walked in on our first day of class. It really didn’t look like any other class.


I didn’t have many ideas for redesigning the campus because I actually love the layout of all the buildings close together. I like how our classes aren’t so far apart, maybe a 15 minute walk from CBA to LA1, which gives me enough time to walk to and from classes in between those buildings. I like how the USU is close by and that there’s a Starbucks on opposite sides of the campus. I don’t like, however, how little parking close to the classes there are. So I added a parking lot by the track and field and by the Horn Center for convenience and I also added another parking garage and a parking lot outside of that parking garage by the UT buildings, on the other side of campus. I think everyone agrees that parking is a really big issue and many of us would like to see more parking lots close to our classes.


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