Wk 8 – Artist Convo – *idk name but he’s the blender guy*

IMG_9512 IMG_9515

When I walked into the gatov west gallery from the gatov east gallery, I first saw his exhibit. He had all sorts of fruits and vegetables lined up on his table next to him and it seriously looked amazing and delicious. He was talking about himself juicing and blending all sorts of vegetables and fruits and how much fiber each little cup contained and how nutritious it was just to use all-natural ingredients, like the ones he had on the table. He didn’t add any artificial flavors or sweeteners, just played around with the blender and just threw different kinds of fruits and veggies in it. There was no hesitation, and he was asked if he knew what he made and he was like “No I just randomly throw in ingredients and drink whatever comes out of the blender”.

He did a couple of demos on blending. In the first one I saw, he just used so many carrots and some lemon juice. As he was doing the demo, he was explaining how much fiber it contained. He also did another demo with more fruits, including strawberries, mangos, cantaloupe, lettuce, and some ginger. It made the place smell really good, like a candle was lit or something. He mentioned that he grew most of the ingredients himself and had a big garden at his house. Some ingredients he has to buy but he grows most of his own fruits and vegetables. When he started blending, he used primarily fruits and just threw everything together and didn’t know what he was doing. Eventually, he started added more veggies instead of fruit.


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