Wk 7 – Life & Death


I love bowling. It’s my passion and I spend a lot of time in the bowling alley. I used to work there but now I just go there to bowl. To others, bowling doesn’t really seem like a dangerous sport but you could seriously injure yourself in this sport, like any other sport. For instance, if you step over the foul line, you’re most likely going to slip and fall backwards and land on your butt or back. Either way, you’re gonna end up really sore. Or sticking your hand or head in the ball return, like what I’m doing in the picture above. The ball return is the one place you can’t touch at all. You most definitely cannot stick anything in there, especially any body parts, because if your hair gets stuck or you stick your hand in there while a ball is coming out, it’s gonna end really badly. There have been stories of people dying because of that ball return. So I decided to become really stupid and stick my head in there, while it was off of course. My boyfriend, also in the picture, made sure that it was off before I proceeded to do something stupid.


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