Wk 7 – Classmate Convo – Eui Jin Song


Eui Jin was a lovely person. She had this accent and spoke very precisely. She’s a freshman and lives fairly close to me. She lives in La Palma and went to Kennedy High School near Cypress. I asked her what she likes to do on her free time, whether it’d be going out and hanging out with friends, and she said she didn’t like to go out at all and would rather stay home and sleep or watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix. She applied to 6 schools and got accepted to 4 of them, including CSULB, which was her first choice. She doesn’t really care for this class but thinks it’s a good learning experience and a good way to discover different kinds of art out there. She likes art but mentioned that she isn’t very artistic and creative. She has no interesting hobbies and just likes staying at home and sleeping.


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