Wk 6 – Yarn bombing

IMG_9406 IMG_9364

On Thursday I went to the second floor of FA2 and saw so many beautiful art. I took a picture of my favorite, which is this pole-like statue of things wrapped in fiber. It looked like a lot of time and effort was put into it and it definitely must’ve made the artist(s) proud. I’ve always wanted to try crocheting. I already had some different colored yarn and that thing you use to crochet with. A crochet needle, if I may. My mom knows how to so I asked her to teach/show me how to and it’s definitely pretty easy and you catch on quickly. You just have to know how to hold the needle as well as the yarn right and you just keep it constantly going and it’s just the same pattern over and over again for as long as you want. The first one I did came out looking like a scarf, the red color one. I quickly caught on and decided if I had some free time this weekend I might do another one like it. And I did have some free time this weekend. But instead of using one color, I mixed different colors and it came out looking like some DNA strand thing, which was pretty funny yet cool. It is definitely a good hobby to have and it’s something anyone can do.

Although dealing with yarn and fiber may be considered feminine, I think anyone can do it. There’s no reason for guys to feel awkward crocheting or knitting if that’s what they like to do. Just like graffiti art, women do it and it’s not just a men thing. It’s really messed up how society came to be, labeling things as feminine and masculine. Nobody should have to feel like it’s wrong for them to do something that’s considered not of their gender. They should be able to do the things they like freely and without worry.


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