Wk 6 – Classmate Convo – Christian


This dude was hilarious. I met him and the first thing he did was nudge me in the shoulder, and was all like “Aye wanna be partners??” and it was really funny the way he did it. He’s very outgoing and always had something to say about anything. He’s a senior and a psychology major. I told him I wanted to major in Health Science and he asked what I wanted to do with that major and when I said I wanted to be a radiologist, he was like “Oh wow that’s really cool” and he went on about how he was in AP bio in high school and he looked at x-rays and thought it was really interesting. He lives in San Gabriel Valley and used to dorm here the first two years of college but moved back home. He loves looking at art but mentioned he isn’t that good of an artist and not a really good athlete either. He’s half salvadoranian and is a greek food addict. Overall I had a good time talking with him and it was really nice meeting him.


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