Wk 6 – Artist Convo – Alanna Marcelleti


I really enjoyed looking at her art. I had never seen anything like this before and was amazed at how well done the art was and how she managed to put together those pieces like that. She found a way to make 3-D art look fantastic and it was pretty cool. She used transparent fabric to overlay the wooden canvas and used it to better work her art. She cuts and tears it up and creates more interesting detail to it and also paints on the transparent fabric. She uses ordinary, everyday objects such as paper plates and brass cords. She displayed her art and made her audience think more psychologically about her art.

IMG_9362 IMG_9363

This next artist was also very intriguing. She loves using vintage and gothic appeal to her art and most of her art was a display of the colors red, white and black. She chose a darker medium theme for her art, and her favorite piece is the one above, with the lady and the black boots. She loves sketching people and occasionally sketches landscapes and nature. She did try to use pastel but decided to try something realistic and stuck with black and white.

She mentions it takes her about 40 hours to complete a painting/drawing. Also she mentioned she studied abroad in England for a year and that really inspired her to further her artistic ability. Before studying abroad, she was a theatre major and while abroad, she had second thoughts about being a theatre major and wanted to be an art major. While in England, she travelled to many different art museums and really got an inspiration and an itch to do art. When she came back here, she applied to CSULB because of their amazing art program and she’s doing what she’s passionate about.


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