Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

I had chose two of my favorite categories, not just on Kickstarter, but in life. I went with Dance and Music, because I connect to those two words more than any of the other categories.

I decided to review the Dance category first and found a video I didn’t really feel like I connected to it.

This video is called Trust Rhythm by PDX Dance Collective. Their dance consisted of using passion, emotions, and slow movements to portray a message. I didn’t really feel the video displayed a good message of what they wanted money for, even though they did say they wanted to raise money to fund their dance group. They have reached their goal but they’re asking to raise even more money to pay for the necessities and their new hired lighting designer, who costs $2,120.

This second video I watched was a lot more intriguing. This is called the Cypher Spot (Step 1): Floor by Corey “Rev” Stiver.

His project was to raise money to build a dance studio in Los Angeles. This dance studio is going to be a Free Christian Hip Hop Studio. He is focusing on all the elements of Hip Hop like MCs, DJs, artists, and dancers. He wants the first step of the funding to be for the dance and conference room floor. It’ll become a meeting ground. His mission is very intriguing. He wants to provide spiritual growth in Christ through bible studies, alternative church services, worship, and fellowship. He wants to connect his dance studio to Christ, and that is the first time I’ve heard of something like that.

The second category I reviewed was the Music category.

I thought this first video I looked at was very interesting. It’s called The $99 Orchestra – An Orchestra for Everyone by André Miranda & Yianjiao Chen. The point of this whole $99 Orchestra thing was to give people a chance to bring their written music to life. Anyone can afford to hire this orchestra and people, like composers, educators, and students can use it for whatever their goal may be. Their goal is to make this project for education and professional purposes and make it constantly a success.

This second video I watched was not as intriguing as the first one. It’s called Help Bring Pig Snout’s Music to the World by Pig Snout.

Even though it was about a family band that wanted to make itself known, their music isn’t really too good. It may be just me even though I thought it was cute but it’s something that I’ve heard of before. It isn’t really all too unique and original and didn’t quite catch my interest as much as it should.


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