Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Makaila Palmer


Makaila was one of the most interesting artists I’ve met thus far. She was very intriguing and open and vibrant and carried such a good energy about her. And that reflected into her paintings. She’s an oil painter and came up with a very interesting way to paint. Last year, she went abroad in Europe and travelled to many different European cities. She painted landscapes from those cites, using the top part of the canvas as the actual city or landmarks of the city, and for the bottom half, she used the color of the city’s currency to paint memories she’s had in that city. I thought it was such a cool idea and the paintings came out beautiful. Her achievement was combining multiple memories and putting as much as she could onto one whole canvas.

Strata Phenomena

Rachael Gerhke was another artist in that gallery. She and Makaila kind of worked together and inspired each other’s art. She wasn’t present in the gallery but Makaila told us a few things about her art. For example, she likes to play around with parallel universes and likes to create diverse universal paintings. She likes to play around with the parallels of the underworld and the sky above. She also visits tide pools and underground and likes to incorporate those things into her art. Rachael likes to do sketch on paper with charcoal and oil on canvas as well. She uses different textures and surfaces. Makaila also mentioned that Rachael is moving towards putting animals into her art. She’s incorporating animals into her designs such as an octopus. Her art is also based on memory and inspiration and that’s partly why Rachael and Makaila decided to work together.


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