Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Yireh Elaine Kwak

Walk in the Park
Walk in the Park

Yireh Kwak is one of the most interesting artists I’ve seen thus far. She has a very interesting technique when oil painting her work. She lives on a hill and uses the nature around her to paint. Most of her paintings are of hills and mountaintops with trees and water and some houses, which is probably like the area she lives in. She paints what she observes in front of her after making sketches. She then copies the sketches from paper by oil painting on big canvases like this one above. This piece, she mentions, is one of her most favorite pieces.

In the gallery, two different artists display their oil paintings. Yireh displays the rural, nature side of the paintings and the other artist, Maryann Gonzalez, who wasn’t present, displayed her paintings of the urban cityscape. Maryann’s paintings are more dull-colored, like the one bellow. She uses pollution and wastes as a way to explain her feelings about the environment today.

Urban Cityscape
Urban Cityscape

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